Sri Lanka minister continues farce


Source: BBC

Colombo, Sri Lanka – The leader of the National Fiefdom Front (NFF) Mrs Wimala Weerahansa continued her farce unto death in front of the Unverified Notions (UN) office near Bulls road in Colombo yesterday – only God knows why. Large crowds were seen gathering at the scene and shouting insults at a Chinese man in a show of moral support of the Cabinet Minister. Mr. Saman Gonagama – a protester at the scene speaking exclusively to Citizens News Diary said that he fully supported the minister in this brave, couragours, patriotic, wise, really productive and useful endeavour. “We really hope she farce unto death” he added.

Some political observers in Colombo speculate that Mrs Weerahansa is waiting inline to advise the UN panel appointed by Secretary General Kim Ba Noon to advise him on what he can and cannot do.

Sources close to the farcical Engineering Services Minister claim however that she was protesting the screening of “Three Idiots” in Sri Lankan cinemas – which would expose atrocities committed by the Sri Lankan film industry over last three decades. “If that is allowed, producers of films like ‘Aiyage malli’, ‘Chandiyage nangiya’ and ‘One shot’ may have to face charges of committing crimes against humanity and the destruction of a vast number of celluloid tapes” a film critic who wished to remain annonymous told Citizens News. The Sri Lankan media which cited his neighbours fuelled rumours that Mrs Weerahansa may have fled from her home with bed and mattress, as a result of a domestic dispute with her husband.

Secretary General Kim Ba Noon however, “strongly” objected to Mrs Weerahansa’s presence at his Organisations office compound, which he accused, was hindering its “vital work” – investigating Unverified Notions about alleged war-crimes perpetrated during the latter stages of Sri Lanka’s war with the LTTE fifteen months ago. Speaking to reporters at the UN Headquarters in New York, Mr Noon reiterated that investigating these unverified notions was an essential foundation for durable peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s Minister for Externalising Affairs said something utterly ridiculous and unbecoming of a man of his intellect in reply, but was quick to blame it on the fact that it was nearly impossible to find a decent hair-dresser or ear-hair clipper in Colombo who could make him not look ridiculous no matter what he says.


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