Details of assailants leaked to media


Colombo, Sri Lanka – Sri Lankan news media today, reported that information leaked from secret government documents indicates that the President and Government Defence Spokesman have information identifying those who are responsible for repeated attacks on journalists, abduction of civilians and the alarming deterioration of law and order throughout this small island nation off the southern tip of India.
Rights activists accused that the government knew who the offenders are, but have done nothing to bring them to justice. The identity of the assailants was exposed when they attacked school children and foreigners in Sigiriya last week – probably mistaking them for LTTE child soldiers and INGO workers respectively.
The Inspector General of Police declined to comment on the matter, citing that a Presidential inquiry was still underway. “All I can say is that we have not identified the suspects yet” the IGP admitted, but said that his investigators “have received credible information that the criminals were dressed in yellow and black striped furs and had wings on their backs which enabled them to make a hasty escape before police arrived on the scene”.
A spokesperson for the Freemedia Movement – himself a victim once of a similar attack in the past – told reporters that it was clear that the government does not have the will, competency or enough “smokers” to stem the problem. He said he was lucky to survive the attack himself without serious injury apart from a bout of Orchitis.
Political analysts believe however that the group associated with the attack in Sigiriya is one of many that threaten human Rights, Peace, Justice and Democracy in the war-torn island. Pachagilina Gnanasekara – a leading defence expert in the country points out however, that the incidents that took place at the ancient rock-fortress are quite different from those reported in Colombo and its surrounding cities over the past few months. “We have reason to believe that these are two different groups” he pointed out. Mr Gnanasekara believes that the group carrying out attacks in Colombo are more organised and difficult to deal with than the ones in Sigiriya. “We believe that Colombo is infested with ‘Piti Makuno’ (Scientific name: Colombanis Apatheticus) and they cannot be smoked out of their indifference so easily” he confirmed.


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