Jayalalitha raises awareness on obesity


Chennai, India: Former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayaram Jayalalitha lost her contract with the world renowned ‘Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program’ when she failed to loose the 25kg in 7 days. Speaking to reporters soon after her failed attempt, she emphasised that she never wanted the money, but wanted to set an example to all Tamils to watch their weight. However, MDMK general secretary Vaiko who offered her a glass of fruit juice at the end of the fast told reporters that Jayalalitha looked so starved that he feared the fat hungry woman might swallow him.
The former chief minister pointed out that obesity was one of the biggest health risks in her state of Tamil Nadu and affirmed that her campaign that was aimed at sending out a message to all Tamils to maintain a healthy weight was not an unmitigated disaster. She also criticised prominent Tamils such as Rajinkanth and Rahman for sending a bad message to the population to eat more, even though most of the population can’t really afford to.
She pointed out that her excess weight and the level of corruption in her state was the result of years of AIADMK and MDMK policy to limit the income of the masses that would otherwise be spent on food. She welcomed the Sri Lanka government for limiting the amount of food being sent to Tamil regions and appreciated the creativity of their excuses. Pirbaharan, who has also adopted similar policies with regards to health and nutrition in the region under his control dismissed rumours that he too was about to embark on a fast, confirming that ‘Jenny Craig’ or any other weight loss program has so far not made any reasonable offers.


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