Sri Lankan Cricketers under fire



Our Cricketers came under fire in Lahore a short while ago. Some are said to be nursing minor injuries, but everything seems to be ok now. Our prayers are with them and their families.

It’s not that I don’t see a funny side of this. A story hardly exposes itself to absurdity as much as this does. I can imagine how some of the players would use a variation of the phrase “the boys played really well” in their descriptions of the event. I am tempted to explore whether there could be a connection between the attack and Mahela’s retirement. Having as many Indian friends as I do, I won’t be short of any jokes about Pakistanis either. Then again, we are only too familiar with the way that Indian and Pakistani fans treat their own Cricketers when they loose!

Yet, I am not amused.

In fact I am pissed off, angry, enraged and terribly disheartened that the world we live in has come to this. In a way, I feel guilty for not feeling this way about the civilians who are trapped on the burning sands of a deathly beach in Mulativu. I feel blameworthy for satirising their unfortunate predicament.

Yet living in a divided and sometimes depressing part of the world, ‘the boys’ are a beacon of what we can be as a nation and as individuals. They infuse hope – and that hope is very different from the kind that military victories inspire. I grew up with one of the more inspiring ones among those who were injured in the attacks today – so I am also deeply shocked.

Being Sri Lankans, terrorists have long lost their potency to ‘terrorise’ us anymore – they just disgust and piss us off. So, as far as we are concerned, they are not ‘terrorists’, but ‘piss-buckets’ armed with ‘fart bubbles’


6 Responses to “Sri Lankan Cricketers under fire”

  1. I am Ali Hammad from Pakistan…

    I appologise on my behalf to all brave Sri Lankan cricket players who accepted our invitation to play in our country despite all the threats.

    I am sorry on behalf of my countrymen… we are sorry… we were unable to protect your team..

    I request the owner of the blog to please tell me about the renowned blogs and newspapers of Sri Lanka as we here want to inform our brother in Sri Lanka about our feelings

  2. 2 citizenlk

    Apology accepted – on behalf of myself – but not necessary. I am sure we have grown beyond holding nations and communities responsible for the actions of a few (or more) derranged individuals.
    Terrorists want to devide us and the only way to defeat them is by uniting in spirit, in voice and in action.

  3. 3 Tina Edwards

    I think the Palistani authorities need to be more proactive now in shutting down the LTTE drug smuggling route througfh Pakistan which is a major source of income for the LTTE. Also this attack by the LTTE ( it has to be, as they have links to the Al Queda perhaps they got AL Queda support in this) has now reduced them to absolute and total pariah status in the international community. At least now the world will know the true status of these Tamil TIger Terrorists.
    One theory the reason that LTTE launched this attack on Pakistan is due to the fact that Pakistan has been a major supplier of weapons and training to the Sri Lankan armed forces the LTTE would not have ever launched an attack like this on Indian soil as theyhave a huge support base in Tamil Nadu.

    I hope especially the Tamil community all over the world wll now totally and utterly condemn and denounce the lTTE. They have hit the nail on the coffin themselves by this audacious attack on national heories. A group of people which had united the entire country and all its communities. Shame on the LTTE and shame on the people who will be cheering this attack.

  4. 4 Tulie

    Tina Edwards,

    You have a serious case of paranoia.

    I am no supporter of the LTTE but not everything that happens around the world is their fault, you know?

    Let me guess, you probably think that they were also responsible for the 2004 tsunami by placing bombs on the sea beds right?

  5. 5 Dee

    the most interesting bit of this article was not the article itself (no offence citizenlk), but the comment which contained this phrase – “we have grown beyond holding nations and communities responsible for the actions of a few (or more) derranged individuals.”

    apart from the spelling of deranged (no offence here either) this could not have been summed up any better. what amazes me the most is how dense some ppl can be when driving this point home. just how hard is it for ppl to realise this simple fact?

  6. 6 crystalfe

    Do you want to know what i 1st thought when i head this news??? i thought that Sri Lanka will have another war against Pakistan, but then i thought noo.. it will not have and i believed it. This is because our people wait for all these things to happen and make big issues to get attention. However, we know that nothing happen between the countries. But i also would like to tell that terrorists have gone too far to get what they want…and this should be stopped.
    Hey, I really like the information which you are putting in your blog. I’m also writing staff like these, so I thought of adding your blog to mine. Hope you will also check into mine at and like my blog in yours. What to do you say???
    -Crystal – (from SL)

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