Tigers invited to negotiate


Talking point

Colombo, Sri Lanka – The Secretary General of the Sri Lankan government’s Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) told reporters that the government is still committed to a negotiated political settlement. The chief of the LTTE political wing P Nadesan (alias Padasami Hari Gandeswaran) was not immediately available for comment. Our sources confirmed that he has been confined to his chamber pot all morning after a spicy Kottu roti he had for dinner last night, raising questions in military intelligence circles as to how a kottu roti from ‘Majestic Hotel’ in Bambalapitiya, got delivered to the jungles of Mulativu.

The latest invitation for negotiations by the government comes at a time when the military is expected to wipe out the living forces of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam. Analysts expressed their surprise at the government’s move made at the brink of total military victory against the ruthless terror outfit, bringing to an end to a bitter war that has cost the lives of eighty thousand Sri Lankans and displacing millions of others.

However, our sources within the government circles revealed that this decision comes after months of meticulous planning. With doubts of a complete military victory looming, with the possibility of the Tiger leadership evading capture by dissolving into the civilian population or escaping from the country, new plans have been drawn up to lure them back without undermining the success of the military campaign. A fresh team of strong negotiators headed by Dr Mervin Silva and his associates have been brought together by the government for the negotiations. Nadesan, after relieving his bowels has turned down the invitation saying that the LTTE will not negotiate with terrorists.


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